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My activity is subject to the obligations set by law and the National Council of Legal Advisors’ Code of Ethics written in order to secure the high level of legal services and building confidence between lawyers and their Clients. I talk to my Clients about their expectations and problems. My opinions are not solely based on the citations of the provisions of law and do not consist of the theoretical case studies but they refer to the analysis of the Client’s problems and situation, legal provisions and include a proposal of the most favourable solutions for the Client.

I offer a remuneration system tailored to the needs and expectations of my Clients. The pricing and the payment methods are settled individually with the Client.

My remuneration can be settled as:
  • hourly rate
  • a lump sum.

In case of hourly rates I count my time spent on the work for my Client’s case and I inform her/him about the number of hours I worked for her/him. A lump sum is set after analysing the case documents and information provided by my Client.

According to the Code of Ethics a legal advisor’s remuneration cannot be fixed only as a „success fee”. However, a contract with the Client can stipulate that a „success fee” for winning the case is a part of the lawyer’s fee.

All costs of procedure, court fees or administrative fees, fees for delivery of the estreats, photocopies or certified copies that are required to lodge and proceed with a case shall be paid by the Client.



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