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In order to meet your expectations I offer you as well the possibility to ask for legal advice using the Internet. You can obtain fully professional legal advice in the areas of my specialisation without leaving your home or office. Through E-services I offer you inter alia: written legal advice in simple cases, preparing drafts of legal documents for court proceedings, legal opinions and draft contracts.
If you want to use e-services, you should fill in the contact box below and send it to me. If I need to familiarise myself with the documents regarding your problem, please attach them below in PDF format. Within two working days after receiving your request and analysing the facts and documents provided by you, I will send you an email with a proposal of my remuneration and possible deadline for completion of my services for you.
The payment for e-services is carried out through PayU electronic payment system. Effective payment is a necessary condition that allows me to start working on your problem. It also confirms that we concluded a contract for the provision of the legal services.
A reply with the proposed solution to your legal problem, in the form of a legal opinion, a draft project of the legal documents for the court or a draft contract, will be send to you within the agreed deadline by e-mail, a registered letter or by courier.



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